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The Pro Quarry Difference – STEM Services Like Nowhere Else!

We think outside the box and embrace innovation. Our organization takes pride in maintaining a very high standard in excellence. Every decision made takes into account how it will be in the best interest of our clients and their local communities.

People are at the core of great companies. We provide every one of our associates with a vested interest to take ownership and commit to the success of their local office. The Pro Quarry culture encourages and rewards open suggestions from anyone and everyone we work with. Our clients, partners, employees, consultants, candidates and communities are what make us who we are.

Our Mission

“We help our clients achieve their staffing needs by applying innovative business practices and passing the benefits onto them and their local communities”

We Give Back

We will give back 5-20% of our net earnings to local charities, on behalf of our clients. We understand the importance of staying involved in community initiatives. It is a blessing to be headquartered in such a great state as Texas. You can count on our continued proactive involvement in our clients local communities.


Quality Comes First

At Pro Quarry we understand that no matter how great an organization may be it must have quality people driving and backing the local office. This is a vital part of our company philosophy.

We jump hurdles for our clients and provide them with excellent hiring recommendations, not just resumes. Our staff takes the time to understand your needs and find the absolute best person to help you meet and exceed your business goals. You don’t have the time to search through stacks of resumes in order to find the best talent. So let us do the dirty work.

Rest assured that Pro Quarry will hit the trenches and pinpoint the absolute best candidates for your needs. A resume only provides so much information. We meet face-to-face with our candidates and look them in the eye to better access a perfect fit to your needs. Our extensive screening process weeds out all the under qualified candidates and enables us to provide you with outstanding people.

Recruitment Process Diagram


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